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The City of Bowling Green has begun posting and sharing more meeting information via email announcements and Facebook. To sign up for eNews go to this link: and enter your email address. To see announcements on Facebook go to the City of Bowling Green, Ohio page.

Bowling Green State University Master Plan
BGSU is starting its second phase of its renovation plan. Review plan and look at Report & Presentations link below


City of Bowling Green, Ohio Improvement Plan
This document outlines important steps for making real, effective, overdue, and affordable improvements to the Bowling Green community.

Code Enforcement, Bowling Green, OH
Code Enforcement is responsible for enforcing a variety of City Ordinances, however, zoning ordinances are one of the main areas of enforcement activities.

Code of Ordinances, Bowling Green, OH
Information found within this document include: current City Officials, Charter of the Municipalities, General Provisions, Administration, Public Utilities, Traffic Code, General Regulations, Business Regulations, Land Usage, Special Ordinances and Parallel References.

BG Action Groups
Locally Organized Groups

Black Swamp Green Team

Key Participants:

And frequent attendees:

Identity Statement (in progress):

The Black Swamp Green Team is a collaboration of faith communities, advocacy groups, non-profit entities, and individuals engaged in promoting and practicing good creation care among itself and its constituents so as to: implement energy efficiency; the use of renewable energy; the production and delivery of local renewable energy; and, thereby, improve its overall stewardship of creation.

Bowling Green Arts Council

Meetings: General meetings are on the second Tuesday of each month from 6-7pm.

Where: Grounds for Thought (174 S. Main Street)

About: Encouraging the cultural enrichment of the greater Bowling Green community by promoting the arts.

Mission: The Bowling Green Arts Council is a group of local community members with varied involvement and interest in the arts. Our objective is to work along with individual artists, organizations, businesses, and other groups to support the arts locally.

Contact: Brenda D. Baker, President

[email protected]
(419) 581-9141
PO Box 825
Bowling Green, OH 43402


Social Media: You can find the Bowling Green Arts Council on Facebook. “Like” their BG Arts Council page to find out about the arts in BG.

Bowling Green Parks Foundation


  • Roger Anderson
  • Ann Beck
  • Ellen Dalton
  • Sharon Gargasz
  • Enrique Gomezdelcampo
  • Hal Hanna
  • Martha Mazzarella
  • Tom Milbrodt
  • Nancy Spence
  • Kristin Vessey
  • Cheryl Windisch, P&R Board Representative

What is the Foundation? The Foundation is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization governed by trustees who are members of the community. It was created over 20 years ago by a group of citizens like yourself who support green space, environmental education and recreational programs and services for the community. Donations to the foundation are deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

Mission Statement: To support and enhance the activities of the Parks and Recreation Department and to help ensure that it will continue to provide quality leisure opportunities for the citizens of Bowling Green. The Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation operated exclusively for the benefit of parks and recreation in the Bowling Green area.

Contact Information: TBA, 419-354-6297


Citizens for a Livable Future

About: Citizens for a Livable Future works for sustainable prosperity for all citizens based on distributed, locally owned and controlled clean renewable energy, transport and local food systems.

Meetings: As necessary. Generally held at Grounds For Thought.

Social Media: You can find the Citizens for a Livable Future on Facebook. “Like” their page to follow important developments.

The Common Good Spiritual and Community Development Center

Director: Megan Sutherland at [email protected] or (419) 341-0164

Board of Directors:

  • Richard Cullman
  • Caroline Dawson
  • Phil Dickenson
  • Sean Herman – Student board member
  • Justin McCulloch
  • Krista McCulloch
  • Tim Tache

About: The Common Good is a community space in Bowling Green, focused on creating a safe and shared space for students and community members for the purpose of exploring deeper connections with self, spirituality, diversity and community. All of our programs are free and open to the public. Events, programs, meetings, etc. can be found on our Facebook, email, and often on our website. The Common Good is a community space, so feel free to stop in or if you’d like more information please contact our director!

Meetings: The Common Good hosts a variety of groups that meet at different times. There is Meditation and Recovery group, Community Gardens group, Mindfulness Club, Dinner Dialogue, Daily Zazen group, Parables study group, etc. Check our contact information below to see a schedule of meetings.

Location: 113 Crim St. Bowling Green, OH

Contact Information: (419) 806-4475 or [email protected]


Social Media: Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay informed on our events, projects, and programs.

Eastside Residential Neighborhood Group

Organizers: Rose Hess and Jan Veitch

About: We are Bowling Green citizens committed to preserving residential neighborhoods and maintaining a strong and vital community.

Meetings: Semiannually

Contact: [email protected]

Social Media: You can find the Eastside Neighborhood Group on Facebook. “Like” their page to follow important east side developments.

League of Women Voters of Bowling Green

Contact: [email protected]


Social Media: Facebook: League of Women Voters of Bowling Green, OH; Twitter: @LWV_BGOH

BG Municipal

Bicycle Safety Commission


  • Eileen Baker (Reappointment. Term length: 3 yrs./Term exp. 5/31/18)
  • Rob Klein (Reappointment. Term length: 3 yrs./Term exp. 5/31/17)
  • Tyson Richmond (Term length: 3 yrs /Term exp. 5/31/17)

Meetings: 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7pm

Where: 3rd Floor of the City Administration Building (304 North Church Street)

Commission Information: The Bicycle Safety Commission consists of nine members, appointed by the mayor, including representatives from: the Police Division, the Parks and Recreation Department, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green High School, and Bowling Green Junior High School. At least two members shall be residents of the east side of Main Street and two members shall be residents of the west side of Main Street. Student members serve one-year terms and others serve two-year terms.

The Commission develops and implements bicycle safety educational projects, identifies and recommends the establishment of recognizable bicycle routes, participates in local events in support of and relating to bicycle safety, recommends legislation that supports bicycling, and supports and participates in other activities relating to bicycling in the City.

Board of Public Utilities


  • Bill Culbertson
  • Mike Frost (Term length: 5 yrs./Term exp. 5/31/18)
  • Joyce Kepke
  • Megan Newlove (Term length: 5 yrs./Term exp. 5/31/20)
  • Matt Paquette

Meetings: The Board of Public Utilities meets on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each Month

Where: City Administrative Services Building (304 North Church Street)

About: The Board consists of 5 members appointed by the Mayor serving staggering 5-year terms. The following are some of the duties and powers of the Board of Public Utilities (from Section 30.52 of City Code):

  • Manage and control the operation of the municipal electric, waterworks, and sewerage system.
  • Administer and carry out the provisions of all agreements, contracts, trust indentures, and other legal obligations pertaining to the municipal utility systems.
  • Fix all rates and charges to be made to the consumers of the waterworks, electric, and sewerage system.
  • Make recommendations to the City Council on matters pertaining to the Public Utilities.

City Attorney

Current: Michael Marsh is the current City Attorney and has held this position since 1988.

Department Information: The City Attorney is the head of the law department and is appointed by the Mayor. The City Attorney also oversees the City Prosecutor.

The duties of the City Attorney include: advising council, the mayor, and city department heads on legal matters; preparing ordinances, giving opinions and providing representation to the City, attending council meetings, and preparation of legal instruments.

City Council

City Council Representatives:

  • 1st Ward Representative: Daniel Gordon ([email protected])
    Chair Community Improvement Committee; Member Transportation & Safety Committee; Member Parks & Recreation Committee
  • 2nd Ward Representative: John Zanfardino ([email protected]) Chair Transportation & Safety Committee; Member Public Lands & Buildings Committee; Member Community Improvement Committee
  • 3rd Ward Representative: Michael Aspacher, Council President ([email protected]); Chair Public Utilities Committee; Member Finance and Ways & Means Committee; Member Parks & Recreation Committee
  • 4th Ward Representative: Scott Seeliger ([email protected]) Chair Public Lands & Buildings Committee; Member Finance and Ways & Means Committee; Member Planning, Zoning & Economic Development Committee
  • Council Member at Large: Bruce Jeffers ([email protected]) At-Large/President Pro Tem; Chair Planning, Zoning & Economic Development Committee; Member Public Utilities Committee; Member Public Lands & Buildings Committee
  • Council Member at Large: Robert McOmber ([email protected])
    Chair Finance and Ways & Means Committee; Member Public Utilities Committee; Member Community Improvement Committee
  • Council Member at Large: Sandy Rowland ([email protected]) Chair Parks & Recreation Committee; Member Transportation & Safety Committee; Member Planning, Zoning & Economic Development Committee

What: Legislative Branch Meeting

Meetings: First and third Monday of each month at 7pm.

Where: City Administrative Services Building (304 North Church Street)

Meeting Minutes and Agendas:

Action: Community presence makes a difference. Attendance is encouraged for demonstrating an engaged citizenry, and addressing council. The “Lobby Visitation” portion of the agenda allows for an opportunity to address council.

City Council Quarterly Constituent Meeting
1st and 2nd Wards: Daniel Gordon, 1st Ward Representative and John Zanfardino, 2nd Ward Representative
3rd and 4th Wards: Mike Aspacher, 3rd Ward Representative ::: 4th Ward Representative

Ward Map:

About: All residents are encouraged to attend quarterly constituent meetings regardless of where you live in BG. This is a great forum to come together and discuss issues in local government and politics.

When (subject to change):
1st and 2nd Wards: March, June, September, December from 6:30 to 8:30pm
3rd and 4th Wards: Approximately January, April, July, October (last Thursday of the month from 7-9pm)

For 1st and 2nd Wards: Wood County District Public Library (251 N Main St)
For 3rd and 4th Wards: Simpson Garden Park (1291 Conneaut Avenue)

City Prosecutor

Current Prosecutor: Hunter Brown

Duties: The City Prosecutor is responsible for prosecution of violations against city ordinance or any regulations adopted under the authority of the City of Bowling Green.


Human Relations Commission


  • Alyson Baker (Term length: 1 yr./Term exp. 5/31/16)
  • Gloria Enriquez Pizana (Reappointment. Term length: 3 yrs./Term exp. 5/31/17)
  • Akiko Jones (New appointment. Term length: 3 yrs./Term exp. 7/31/18)
  • Emily Monago (Term length: 3 yrs./Term exp. 5/31/18)
  • Margaret Montague
  • Mary Jane Saunders, Chair
  • Cameron Stewart (Reappointment. Term length: 1 yr./Term exp. 5/31/16)
  • Marcy St. John (Term length: 3 yrs./Term exp. 5/31/18)

Meetings: First Friday of each month at 8 am

Where: City Council Chamber (304 North Church Street)

Commission Information: The Commission consists of eleven members with three year terms. Bowling Green State University and Bowling Green High School are also represented on the Board with student members serving one-year terms. The human relations commission promotes equality for and understanding among all people of the community and provides mediation through conferences and conciliation. Commission does not typically meet in July and August. Call the Mayor’s Office at 419-354-6204 to confirm meeting schedule.


Current Mayor: Richard Edwards

Mayoral Election:

Background: Under the City of Bowling Green Charter, the Mayor serves as the chief executive officer of the City. In this capacity, he supervises the administration of the affairs of the municipality and exercises control over all departments and divisions. The Charter also designates her/him as the Chief Conservator of the Peace of the City.

BG’s form of government, as described in its Charter, is known as the “Mayor-Administrator Plan.” Under this plan, the mayor appoints a municipal administrator who serves at the pleasure of the mayor. The municipal administrator is the principal managerial aide to the Mayor and performs such duties as assigned by the Mayor.

The Mayor of Bowling is not a voting member of the City Council. However, every ordinance and regulation passed by the City Council is brought before the Mayor. If the Mayor approves the ordinance, (s)he signs and returns it within 10 days of its adoption thereby validating the legislation. The veto process is outlined in the City Charter in Section 3.06.

Municipal Administrator

Current: Lori Tretter was appointed to this position starting on 7/1/15. See this article:

Background: The Municipal Administrator is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the City of Bowling Green. In addition to managerial responsibilities, the Municipal Administrator also serves as the Director of Safety and the contracting authority for the City.

The Municipal Administrator’s Office oversees public information and is a resource for general city questions or guidance to find the appropriate department or resource. Administrative support for various boards, commissions, and committees is also provided by this office.

Several permits are issued by the Municipal Administrator including those relating to: advertising in the public right-of-way, banners, taxi-cabs, and parades.

Parks and Recreation Board

Meetings: 4th Tuesday of the Month at 7pm

Where: Simpson Building (1291 Conneaut)

Board Information: The Parks and Recreation Board has 9 members serving overlapping terms of five years. On the Board, at least two members shall reside on the west side of Main Street and at least two members shall reside on the east side of Main Street.

As outlined in Section 30.111 of the Codified Ordinances, the mission of the Board is as follows:
“The parks and recreation board shall promote a sound program of recreation for the city and the recreational use of parks, playgrounds, and other facilities of the city.”

Planning Commission

The following planning commission members expressed a preference to be contacted through Heather Sayler, Bowling Green Planning Director ([email protected]):

  • Jeff Betts
  • Julie Burton
  • Brady Gaskins
  • Ryan Holley (Term length: 6 yrs./Term exp. 5/31/21)
  • Rich Michel (Term length: 6 yrs./Term exp. 5/31/21)
  • Kris Phillips (Term length: 6 yrs./Term exp. 5/31/20)

Meetings: First Wednesday of each month at 7pm.
Where: City Administrative Services Building (304 North Church Street)

Meeting Minutes and Agendas:

Planning Department

Planning Department Staff:

  • Heather Sayler, Director
  • Lisa Evans
  • Jason Westgate

Contact Information: Administrative Services Building, 304 N. Church Street, Bowling Green, OH 43402 (2nd Floor); Telephone: 419-354-6218; Fax: 419-352-0443; Email: [email protected]

Background: The City Planning Department is charged with the responsibility of carrying out the City’s planning function including the preparation and updating of the City’s Comprehensive Master Plan. The Department also administers some Ordinances implementing the adopted Plan. These implementation mechanisms include The Access Management Policies and Guidelines, the Subdivision Regulations, and the Zoning Code. Additionally, the Department has oversight of the contract with the Wood County Health Department for the Housing Code.

Please call the Planning office at (419) 354-6218 or the Wood County Health Department at (419) 352-8402 for any concerns regarding sanitation or health-related issues for a structure or property (such as litter removal, unsafe structures, peeling paint, etc.).


Public Works Director

Current: Brian T. Craft

Department Information: The Public Works Department is made up of the Public Works Division and the Engineering Division.

Reinvestment Housing Council


  • Dick Newlove (Reappointment. Term length: 3 yrs./Term exp. 5/31/18)
  • Rob Holley (Reappointment. Term length: 3 yrs./Term exp. 5/31/18)
  • Christine Connell (Reappointment. Term length: 3 yrs./Term exp. 5/31/18)
  • Erica Sleek (Planning Commission representative)

Council Information: PEBG is looking for information about this Council to post.

Transportation Advisory Committee


  • Aaron Kane (Reappointment. Term length: 3 yrs./Term exp. 5/31/18)
  • Brad Biller, BGPD (Reappointment. Term length: 3 yrs./Term exp. 5/31/18)
  • Tina Bradley, City of BG
  • Catharine Harned, Wood County Hospital (Reappointment. Term length: 3 yrs./Term exp. 5/31/17)
  • Shannon Fisher, Wood County Job and Family Services
  • Vic Gable, Employment Services of Wood Lane (Reappointment. Term length: 3 yrs./Term exp. 5/31/18)
  • Daniel Gordon, City Council Representative
  • Jim Stainbrook (Reappointment. Term length: 3 yrs./Term exp. 5/31/17)

Committee Information: Transit Advisory Committee members are appointed to two-year terms by the Mayor. The Committee meets quarterly and meetings are open to the public. Interested citizens are encouraged to attend.

Mission: The mission of the Transportation Advisory Committee is to support people who do not have other mobility options with safe, easy, affordable transportation.

Scheduled Meetings: August 18, 2015 and November 17, 2015 at 1:30pm at the City Administrative Services Building (304 North Church)


Traffic Commission


  • Linda Gray (Term length: 4 yrs./Term exp. 5/31/19)
  • Roger Mazzarella (Reappointment. Term length: 4 yrs./Term exp. 5/31/18)
  • Dan VanVorhis (Reappointment. Term length: 4 yrs./Term exp. 5/31/16)

Meetings: 4th Wednesday of each month at 7 pm.

Where: City Council Chamber (304 North Church Street)

Commission Information: The Traffic Commission shall promote improved safety within the city and review temporary traffic regulations made by the Safety Director. The Commission shall consist of 9 members, including the Police Chief, the Fire Chief, the Street Superintendent, and 6 citizen members.  Citizen members are appointed to 4-year terms.

 Utilities Director

Current: Brian O’Connell, PE

Department Information: The Director is appointed by the Mayor subject to confirmation by the Board of Public Utilities. The general operations and management of the Utilities Department are the responsibility of the Utilities Director. The Director also represents the City of Bowling Green and 14 other local municipal electric utilities as the Northwest American Municipal Power (AMP) Service Group representative on the Board of Trustees of AMP, Inc. and on various sub-committees of AMP, Inc.

Zoning Board of Appeals

  • Reina Caulderon
  • Rose Hess
  • Hobart Johnson (Term length: 4 yrs./Term exp. 5/31/17)
  • Sandy Milligan (Term length: 4 yrs./Term exp. 5/31/19)
  • Chris Ostrwoski
  • Heather Sayler ([email protected])
  • Robert Waddle

Meetings: Second Wednesday of each month at 7pm.

Where: City Administrative Services Building (304 North Church Street)

Board Information: The Charter for the City of Bowling Green stipulates the existence of this Board. There are to be a total of seven Board members. One member of the Planning Commission is designated to serve on the Board. All other members shall be appointed for overlapping terms of 4 years. At least two members reside on the east side of Main Street and, conversely, at least two members reside on the west side of Main Street.

City Charter:$fn=default.htm$3.0$vid=amlegal:bowlinggreen_oh

City Administration Appointed Groups

Green Space Task Force (May 2015)

During the May 4, 2015 City Council meeting Mayor Edwards announced the names of the representatives who will be serving on the Green Space Task Force and the work they are charged with completing. For more information please see this Sentinel Tribune article:


  • John Calderonello, Green Space Matters (formerly)
  • Brian Bushong, BG Finance Director and representing the city
  • Wendy Chambers, Director of the BG Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • Brian Craft, Public Works Director and representing the city
  • Amy Craft-Ahrens, owner of For Keeps in the downtown
  • Gene Klotz, Klotz Floral Gift and Garden Center
  • David Montague, retired as an executive with World Vision
  • Eric Myers, Chair. Previously served as a member of the city’s Planning Commission and the School Board. Edwards noted that Myers also was a member of the 2008 study committee that considered locations for a new City Administration Building.
  • Larry Nader, home on West Wooster is adjacent to the green space.
  • Dick Newlove, Newlove Realty
  • Michael Penrod, director of the Wood County District Public Library and member of the First Presbyterian Church, which is adjacent to the green space site
  • Dawn Shinew, Bowling Green State University College of Education
  • Lloyd Triggs, art teacher at Bowling Green High School
  • Diane Vogtsberger, Green Space Matters (formerly)
  • Lori Young, Bowling Green State University School of Art and a member of the Eastside Neighborhood Association

About: The Green Space Task Force was formed by Mayor Edwards in May 2015 and is the result of local citizens organizing under the name Green Space Matters. Mayor Edwards charged the group with four tasks related to the former Jr. High Site at the SW corner of Wooster and Church:

  • To develop and recommend a conceptual plan, as well as a timeline for the implementation of that plan, to Council’s Lands and Building Committee.
  • To review the history of the site and the pros and cons of potential uses.
  • To make sure that any plan the group submits to council “includes design elements that require minimal operating and maintenance costs by the city, includes representation of BG’s history, and that takes into consideration” the church and surrounding neighborhood.
  • “To recommend a plan that is dependent upon a community-wide fundraising campaign in keeping with previously successful private dollar appeals,” such as those for Simpson Garden Park, Save the Woods, and Ridge Park.

Historic Buildings and Architectural Preservation Study Committee


  • Les Barber, representing the east side
  • Daniel Gordon, representing city council
  • Greg Hallamay, owner of Finders
  • Mark Hollenbaugh, representing the east side
  • Eric Honneffer, conservator with Bowling Green State University Libraries
  • Joyce Kepke, representing the west side
  • Larry Nader, representing the west side
  • Michael Sibbersen, representing the east side
  • George Winters, Chairperson
  • John Zanfardino, representing city council

About: This committee was announced by Mayor Edwards on 8/19/2013. Mayor Edwards said the committee will look at the possibilities of Bowling Green becoming a certified city for historic preservation under the Ohio Office of Historic Preservation. The committee was tasked to work with Planning Director Heather Sayler with input from Nathan Bevil, preservation services manager with the Ohio Office of Historic Preservation. BG’s “sister” university cities of Athens, Kent and Oxford are all classified as certified cities, bringing the total to 55.

BG Improvement Plan (aka Future Land Use Plan)

Steering Committee:

  • Jeff Betts, Planning Commission
  • Julie Broadwell, Ward 1
  • Jill Carr, Bowling Green State University (VP, Student Affairs)
  • Suzanne Clark, Bowling Green Community Development Foundation (Director)
  • Jennifer Copp, Bowling Green State University (Ph.D. Candidate)
  • Consultants Charles Buki czbLLC
  • Doug Cubberley, Ward 3
  • Judy Ennis, Vice-Chair, BG community at large
  • Gary Hess, Ward 2
  • Bruce Jeffers, Chair, City Council
  • Earlene Kilpatrick, Chamber of Commerce (Executive Director)
  • Steve Krakoff, Bowling Green State University (VP, Capital Planning & Campus Oper.)
  • Sandy Milligan, Ward 4
  • Emily Monago, BG community at large
  • Mark Remeis, Realtors
  • Barbara Ruland, Downtown Bowling Green (Executive Director)
  • Heather Sayler, City of Bowling Green (Planning Director)
  • Lori Tretter, City of Bowling Green
  • Vicky Valentine-Adler, representing landlords
  • Jeff Winston MIG / Winston

About: The Future Land Use Section (aka Bowling Green Improvement Plan (BGIP)) of the Comprehensive Plan was supported by a Resolution adopted by Council with a 7-0 vote on 10/20/2014.

Local Media

BGSU 88.1 The Morning Show! Listen to the recent interviews at:

New Appointments / Reappointments: