PEBG is happy to be a part of the Bowling Green community and we are looking forward to another year of sharing ideas, information and networking. This last year we were happy that our efforts working with the Eastside Neighborhood Group and BG citizens to amend the trash code ordinance was successful. http://www.bgohio.org/updated-refuse-and-recycling-regulations/

In the not so far future PEBG will have a planning meeting to discuss what concerns we might address this year. We keep you posted in hopes that you will attend.

Meet the Candidates:
On April 4th, PEBG will host a BG City Council At-Large Candidate Forum from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm in the conference room at the Wood County Library. The format will allow for each candidate to open with a brief 2-minute introductory statement, followed by brief 2-minute responses to five separate questions selected by the PEBG committee from questions that were previously submitted from the public.

Please submit questions you’d like to ask the candidates to us. Send us an email and we will be sure to consider your question(s) for the forum.

Bowling Green City Council At-Large Candidate Forum; April 4th, 6:30-8:30 p.m.; Wood County Public Library.


Our Vision:
A Bowling Green where every resident is empowered to address issues of importance and in so doing contributes to decision-making that enhances life for all who choose to live here.

Our Mission:
To facilitate a non-partisan grassroots initiative where Bowling Green residents feel encouraged to engage with one another by sharing ideas and concerns, identifying others of like interest seeking to be mutually supportive, and contributing to the betterment of Bowling Green where all voices can be heard and decisions made that lead to healthy neighborhoods, vibrant businesses, and strong community-based organizations.

Our Purpose:
To create an organization that serves as a catalyst for the sharing of ideas, information, and proposals so that the decisions affecting life for all who live in Bowling Green will be more inclusive, engaging and grassroots in nature.


Learn more about The PEBG Process.